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new script question

when I select this engine the email verification box does not show up for me to put in my pop3 details.

I have:
verify by=email

What else do I need to be able to put in my pop3 details?

Here is my script I wrote: 

any feedback is greatly appreciated.


  • SvenSven
    edited February 2013


    corrected version here:

  • I am having problems with the submission step. Here is a screenshot of the log and debugger. Not sure why the debugger says /?welcome when I have clearly navigated to a new url as seen in the log.

    I realize it probably isn't necessary to navigate to the addpost.php link but could just modify url but I wanted to try it this way and see if that fixed it but it didn't.

    here is the script so far.
  • SvenSven

    working version here:

    your problem was; that the login was not even done since it found a success message for a login already being present. Usually this should be the >logout< text to determinate if the login is successful or still loged in.

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