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a massage from majestic about whats going on

I personally need majestic to filter websites using their metric as I find them the most accurate tool to do that.

since they don't work on the free api anymore I looked for some info about why.

downloaded their toolbar on firefox, it doesn't work for free users now and it says this massage:

We're sorry

We are sorry that automated access has now resulted in the temporary suspension of access for free users (Majestic paying customers may use open apps for continued access). We designed our toolbar for human beings, not bots.

The dedicated internal API for the Majestic Toolbar has been scraped to the degree where our automated throttles are blocking too many human beings.

Our engineers are working hard to return the toolbar to human beings and free it from the grip of automated bots.

We offer some of the most reasonably priced high-volume API options in the industry, and are saddened that people would rather go to the expense of ochestrating 1000's of requests from different IP addesses than pick up a Majestic API plan.

The basically say that they want to make it free for humans and not bots who use proxies with 1000's of requests, and their working for a solution for that.

They suggest that people who use bots should buy their plans to use their API.

PR Emulator is one of the bots they are referring to. so they plan to make the free api unworkable on PR emulator.

If that happens, how about adding a subscription API on pr emulator for the people who need majestic? like me?


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