Skip to content or SEROCKET, which one is better?

Please tell from your experience, promoters please ignore this post. :)


  • manubossmanuboss
    The best is always to scrape yourself. because the list sold will be spammed after sometimes, and dead
  • shaunshaun
    SeRocket is the plague avoid it at all costs.

    SERLists lists is now owned by Loopline and I currently use his autoupdate service and its pretty solid for my needs.

    I flip flop between the whole lists v self scrape argument, both have their pros and cons. Although self scraping contextuals can get you some nice targets it does take a fair bit of cash and money. On the other hand you have the guys scraping lists with multiple servers/scrapebox installs and then you have the guys making their own lists scraping and using link extraction to get other peoples lists so in reality we all end up with a very similar list to each other, especially for the non contextual side.

    Its actually pretty easy to get a fair amount of premium lists for free using link extraction but I have had to move away from doing it since I have moved SER down my tiers with only a small amount touching the money site with additional link sources added in too now to keep my projects traffic climbing.
  • So @shaun do you use or confused a bit
  • shaunshaun
    @Osmosis the auto approve marketplace is the service I use right now, I have used SERLists in the past wayback when ron ran it but they are both owned by the same person now.
  • NONE of them. Trust me.
    Just scrape it yourself!
  • Serocket is a disaster, you can't download previous lists, you can only download what they have scraped so far today, which is then reset whenever it resets. So I'm expected to log in at the end of the day and download the list, every single day? What a waste of time and money.
  • beastmodebeastmode NYC
    edited October 2016
    I use Looplines I think pushes out a good list, updates 24/7, you don't need re-captcha's for the verified list so you save big on that. Other list I was spending a small fortune on captcha's. Plus the list is always clean and I get a lot of low OBL blog comments and a lot of contextuals, 
  • iwebseoiwebseo The Internets
    SERocket is a disaster! Scraping own lists is a lot better.
  • @iwebseo yeah but it takes time, can you suggest any experienced with other list providers if you have used. @toasterman any other solution have you found.
  • I have been using with great success.Also looplines.
    Both of them are great.

    i had subscribed with serocket as well.honestly i can;t tell anything about them since i haven't got chance to use it ( busy )

  • In my experience, all of them are terrible. Better scrape your own..
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