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PR Filter not working......

YandexTIC is ticked
Skip sites with a PR below 3 (Ticked)
Skip also unknown PR (Ticked)


But not working................


How can I solve the issue???


  • SvenSven
    Thats the Indexing sites. You have to uncheck the whole category here. The links are created and then checked based on the way those URLs work (url in url).
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    Thank you Sven,
    Now ok.
    The mistake is Indexer. unchecked now working well.
  • charlesallicharlesalli Huntsville, AL
    Just curious... What's the point of filtering by PR anyways?
    Does it mean anything in the eyes of Google?
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    PR filter is using for some SEO strategy.
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