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Possible to import urls that i manually submitted a comment?

omg_wtf_broomg_wtf_bro Germany
edited October 2016 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hey guys,
 i manually created some general-blog (wordpress) comments. 
Now i started to use SER and i want to let SER know that i have SUBMITTED my link to this sites so it wont SUBMIT again.

They comments i created manually are waiting moderation so the option to "Post on same site again" wont work since SER don't know where i SUBMITTED.

So is there any way to let SER know that i have submitted to this URL's?
Black-listing them is not an option since i want to use SER to check if links are live.
Even a work around is ok solution for me. I tried to check the project folder but i can't find anything. 


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    You can enable "Allow posting on same site again" and "By url". This should resolve your problem.
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