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URL parsing

Hello @Sven is there possibility that PS parse proxies from imported private URL's list and could that have an effect on spreading proxy list  ?


  • SvenSven
    you can add your sources in the provider listing.
  • Thanks on an answer, i tried earlier to implement sources in the provider listing but it didn't want to accept once one of my huge niche relevant lists, and now is the same that's why i thought there is some other way...

    I'm always getting message "0 proxy providers added # known proxy provider skipped"

    I doubt that all sources i entered are already known and parsed by PS this is some niche relevant URL's so i'm a bit doubtful about that ?
  • SvenSven
    well the software comes with almost 3000 sources. Im adding everything there is. So indeed it is hard to find any new sources to add and I can imagine there is none left for you ;)

    However, the number of skipped sites should be correlate with the number of sites you want to import. Also note that it also skips sites when just the sub-domain is known as it assumes you configure a provider in a way that all subpages are parsed for one sub-domain.
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