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captcha breaker very bad tools , this captcha img is not parse


  • SvenSven
    yea sure, very bad toolS

    Why you think it is bad just because it has not added that kcaptcha type? If you want support for this, try sending me samples of each type and I add support for it.

    The software can solve many other captcha types. Just because it is not suitable for your tasks, it doesn't have to be a "very bad tool".
  • yes , not bad tools .. ^^

    The software can solve many other captcha types 

    you can slove? this kcaptha images?
  • where is sending you samples of each type ?

  • Also, how many samples?
  • SvenSven
    no need to write big and fat!

    upload samples with correct answer in file name and paste link here. 50+ samples of each type are minimum.
  • same problems
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