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IS MY SETUP WRONG FOR COMBO of: Captcha Breaker + DeathByCaptcha

My setup in GSA SER is:

GSA = 2 retries
DBC = 2 retries

My setup in Captcha Breaker is:

Unchecked -> "Run as Webserver"
Checked -> Send captcha to the following...
Checked -> DBC account
the rest are at default


Nothing is going through to DBC. When Captcha Breaker solves it wrong twice, it stops. I'm not really sure if it stops but 2 incorrect and then when I check DBC by logging in their site, no captcha has been sent to them for solving.

I let this run for 24 hours and had around 1,000 VERIFIED yet no captcha goes through to DBC. Why is this?

Please help.


  • SvenSven
    Do not add a captcha service in CB if you can add it in the main program itself.
  • But I also tried just now to run DBC only (turned off CB and put retry to 0 and also closed it down) but it kept saying "catpcha service Death By Captcha is not responding / can't solve". I checked by DBC account and not 1 captcha came through for it to solve.

    Is it me or Is there something wrong with DBC sync altogether?
  • shaunshaun
    Press the test button near the sections where you put the DBC details in, does it bring back the correct balance? If not then you probably have put in the wrong details, if it does im not sure without seeing your settings.

    Also, be careful what you use DBC credits on with SER, these days all I use is CB as it costs far too much to use something like DBC for SER links.

    Finally, 2captcha are a much better service than DBC in my oppinion.
  • A week ago, it sent me back the balance when I set it up. After that, it shows an error ever since. I also turned back CB on with DBC as second option and DBC still is not responding.

    I checked the answers of CB and more than half times they are wrong to be honest. That's why I really want DBC to work as second option. 

    I only target contextuals and usually are fresh from scrape plus they usually are on domains with good authority so the difficulty of the captchas is usually high.

    Sadly I want to continue using DBC at least after my credits run out. I had like $80+ credits with them and another $50+ due to my recurring gold membership. Sigh.
  • shaunshaun
    I'm guessing you havent changed your API since the initial check so you know it is still correct? I would ticket DBC and ask if they can see anything at their end that could be causing you a problem.
  • What do you mean API? I thought it's only putting in username and password for DBC on Options part in GSA SER?

    I opened a ticket to DBC but I think I know what they are going to respond: "it's not us, it's GSA SER"
  • shaunshaun
    edited October 2016
    Ah thats my bad, I havent used DBC for ages, moved over to 2Captcha and with them its just an API key you put in.

    I saw a few threads over on BHW about how their support was bad, my advice is to cancel your gold subscription. If GSA SER and GSA CB cant pull the details then to me that suggests its a DBC issue.

    Do you have access to any other tool that has DBC intergration you can put your details in to see if that can pull your balance?
  • So I have good news... here's what I did.

    When you run the TEST and it doesn't give you anything, you have to turn off GSA SER and CB. Turn on CB first then turn on GSA SER second then do the test. If it brings back balance from DBC, it will be good to go (or at least for 24 hours since I have tested it only starting yesterday). If it doesn't bring any balance, turn if off again because it will likely not fix itself moving forward.

    I think it will be worth it still given I've noticed a slight increase in verified count for every 24 hours. I don't know exactly but it puts me better at ease.
  • Hey guys, 

    I'm a rep. from DBC and I can help you out, I'm sorry for any inconvenience faced with out service. 

    I'm happy to hear that everything is running fine at this moment, please let me know if you need a hand with anything else. 

    Could you please let me know through PM any particular issue faced with our service and/or our support? I'll be more than happy to investigate the case and make sure it was properly handled. 

    For any other question or concern, please let me know. 

    Best Regards, 
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