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ReCaptcha solving

michamicha Uk
edited October 2016 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Are you using something for recaptcha solving?
Few years ago I was using spamvilla, but it was unrealiable and now it's gone.

I am searching for high volume solution, 30k - 40k recaptchas daily, so things like are expensive for me.

I know that there is reverseproxies ocr, but I am searching for cheaper service.

Somebody tried ? They have trial for 2 days for 75 usd, which is extremely high price for a trial. What is their success rate?

I was looking today at CapMonster - anybody used them?

Or maybe it is some way to use Xrumer recaptcha detection for links from GSA?

@Sven I can give you my Xrumer license for some time, to let you try to make Xrumer to solve recaptcha from GSA SER.

Sorry for my poor english.


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