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Platform To GSA Process - How To Stop GSA Re-Checking

Hey All

I find that sometimes when I send files that I have already sorted into platforms using GSA PI to SER that SER then just re-sorts them anyway!  So it defeats the whole purpose of using PI...

What workflow do I need to stop this happening?

My current workflow is:
  • Scrape -> Filter out duds -> Platform Identified -> SER
When I upload into SER, I use the 'Import Target URLs' function for each individual project (since I am using highly targeted URLs).  I'm guessing that you can't use this with PI sorted files?  So I need to make different input folders for each project?



  • shaunshaun
    Not 100% sure what you are asking but I think saving the identified URLs to a file and then right clicking your project - Import Target URLs - From File would do it?

    Also, in my oppinion you are wasting your time trying to find targets that are niche/keyword specific for SER to use. 
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @michty6 - Are you saving to a destination folder per engine or as a single file? If its a single file then SER is going to reidentify them. 

    They need to be saved as the per engine option and you use that directory as a global site list or right click on the project in Pi > export to .SL. Then you can go into SER's options > advanced > tools and import the site list there. 

    Then you could import targets > from site lists > to your projects.
  • @shaun - I had tried this (see my response to s4nt0s below).  

    As you know better than most around here, anything is worth testing ;)  I'm not using purely niche sites but all the verticals and 'sub-niches' and anything related to the niche.  It certainly won't be high volume but I want to see if the 'relevant, low volume' link strategy (that many preach) might work - even on a tiered level... My hypothesis is it won't but we'll see :)

    Speaking of testing things out, ever taken a look at these guys?

    @s4nt0s - I had tried all as one file and also using a directory - neither of these worked.  

    I have not tried exporting as a site list - that is probably what I was missing - thanks!
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