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Ask for a plan about my seo projects, what can i do now?

OK, guys, at 1st i must thank you who give me the help at this forum. now I have a question about my seo project. Sorry for my poor english. I only can use some simple english to discrible my question.

What i have now:

VPS*1 works good and smooth.
GSA SER*2 only one working now, cause i only have one vps now.
GSA CB*1 works good.
GSscraper*1 and i have bought their proxy service by moth.
Scraper Box*1
Proxies*50 Semi-dedicated proxies from buyproxies

My question:

1:I can make web 2.0 by my hand. if i can build 100+ web 2.0 page/links how many tier2 or tier3 will be good? 
2:I use gsa ser to build tier2 links to web2.0(contextual tier2) and after some days to check tier2 index links. there are always have many tier2 links not index, how can i to make the tier2 links index fast or improve the index ratios?

thanks for your help.


  • shaunshaun
    1 - keyword competition is not a consistant variable, even terms list low comp and medium comp have different rank requirements so noone can answer this question for you.

    2 - In my honesty oppinion this is the main thing facing Black Hat SEOs these day, a few month back I was pulling around the 80% indexed mark with SER contextuals, these days i happy if I have 50% stick in the index. I havent seen anywhere near as many people talking about it though but i'm guessing its due to so many people moving over to some form of PBN usage.
  • Indexing is indeed the main problem now, but in hindsight it was only a matter of time for G to start devaluing these sites. @shaun 50% seems good to me, I was seeing no more than 30% for projects that are at least 6 months old. That's why I stopped using it recently, just isn't worth it (for me) at this moment. If SER's to be useful as it was before, it needs to be able to post to higher quality domains/pages. I don't have high hopes because for that to happen there must be a huge breakthrough in dealing with anti-spam solutions (captchas, etc). Maybe SER Engines 2 will solve that, but at this point it's like waiting for Half-Life 3 to come out.
  • shaunshaun
    @delta_squad I made a few suggestions to try help SER and CB go for higher quality domains but the suggestions wont work with the toolset unfortinatley.
  • agreed with others. indexing seems to be an issue now.

    to answer your questions (imo):

    1. as many as it takes. can't be answered universally. if you use best practices and are safer in your approach there should be no issue for you to scale up numbers. at some point you will see results, hopefully good ones. Some keywords will move easily while others won't budge at all. Test and re-test.

    2. my opinion is don't worry too much about index ratios right now. most of your competition is in the same boat. stick to what works and keep doing it. which gets me to my final point. research. now more than ever, I think post-penguin it is important to spy on your competition. what are they doing? how are they doing it? what are their ratios? plenty of analytical tools out there to guide you on this.

    Finally, don't underestimate the power of a real PBN. Well worth the cost and effort.
  • @viking, still have a question can you help me?
  • sure, you can pm me
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