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SER Ping Weirdness . Just stopped all processing and ping went nuts till I killed the process

edited February 2013 in Need Help
I have seen this a few times now.

When I stop SER it goes into this ping frenzy pinging a stack of things like crazy and it seems like its looping.

Usually when you stop it the threads go gradually to zero but with this ?error? it ramps up and down and sometimes maxes out?

I reset my ping list in case it was something I added but thought to ask if anyone else is experiencing this also?



  • ronron
    It just happened to me. I think I'm going to pare down my ping list a bit. I really don't think we need that many. It actually froze, and I had to do a task manager quit.
  • ok so how do we determine the BEST most efficient ping list...

    there is a shedload there that are probably pointless by comparison to others so how would we figure out the golden list amongst all of these?

  • Worried now in case it's done this over the weekend as I've been away :)
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