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Can I Rank My Money Site With GSA?

I request Experts like Sven  to answer the question

Can i rank my money site with GSA 

If yes than what type of links
I want to rank a tech and health blog


  • SvenSven
    yes you can do that of course. Thats what the program was made for. However I can not really give you a 1:1 setting that would match your site as I don't know your site. I am just a coder and can not provide a SEO service. Thats not what you can expect from me.
  • Learn SEO, test, practice on a test site, figure out the strategy that works, THEN use a tool to speed up your efforts.

    There are 100ks of threads on here, millions on BHW and other forums/websites that you can research, learn and practice those techniques - or do what I do and teach yourself and don't look at anything else but then ask for advice on nuances of SEO, learn learn, research research, test test, and THEN use SER on your money site.

    FWIW I used SER on money sites, both my own and clients' sites, for 2-3 years with virtually no other link-building all from testing and making sure what I was doing was worth doing on money sites. And no, I won't tell you how to do it as it changes every 1-2 months, and now I haven't used SER for 5-6 months so I'm no expert in the slightest.

    SEO is a fluid subject one that needs constant effort and not something you can just buy a $100 tool and make money straight away. But in the right hands it can run a SEO business quite easily making £100ks a year in the wrong hands it can just waste $10 domains left, right and centre.
  • Dunno why I bother writing anything on here, people just think they'll be spoonfed years and years of information instead of doing it themselves.

    Why can't anyone do anything for themselves these days?
  • Because people feel they're entitled to get whatever they wish for without any effort on their part?
  • @delta_squad entitled is the exact word. I got a message of the OP asking for my Skype - oh yeah I'll just train you in real time. I don't even have time to take a shit never mind give someone training. I'd charge £1000 per hour if I did lol just through spite.
  • shaunshaun
    Until recently I was using nothing but SER on my sites then had a problem a few month back, not a penalty or anything like that. Been working on a few things since and pretty sure I have a new method nailed for low/medium comp keywords that used SER for most of its links.

    I know loads of people, espeically over on BHW say that you cant use SER on your money site, that is because they never took the time to learn the tool. I have been using SER direct to my money site since I purchased it.

    Go out, Test, Adjust, Repeat. 
  • seohubseohub
    I have used SER on my money site as well as Tiers. It's a double edged tool, you need to know what you are doing before you hit money sites as you can get them tanked pretty quickly.

    I suggest you read FAQ and "recommended" practice to get started, everyone has their take, no one has the blueprint outside Google/Bing.

    Setup some test sites for low/medium competition and test. Document and allow 1-2 weeks for results to come in and see what works. Rinse, repeat and scale.
  • Just had this from the OP:

    which thread to read
    i am fed up of reading 
    BHW and GSA forum

  • shaunshaun
    lol, you never even replied to help him out? The poor lad is fed up and everything! All he wants is his free lunch...

    @OP its pretty simple these days. Back in the day, well before my time there was the link wheel similar to the wheel in the picture below....

    People would link a whole bunch of sites togeather to pass link juice between them and then link to a money site in the middle similar to the picture. All Google had to do was add something to their algo to detect circles and penalise the sites.

    Then came the link pyramid version 1. Everyone used to do the standard link pyramid laid out like the Egyptian pyramid in the picture below...


    Do you see how the edges of the Egyptian pyramid go up in a straight line? Well this is exactly how the link juice used to go. So all Google had to do was patch their algo to follow the straight lines and it led them directly to our money sites just like an arrow!

    So I sat down and I had a think, if Google have patched out circles and straight lines, what else do we have? Then it hit me OP, Squares! You see the Aztec pyramid in the picture below OP?


    You see how it goes up like little squares, not circles and not straight lines? I mean it even has a box on top instead of a point! It is NOTHING like an arrow or a Circle!

    It is literally that easy, when you make your project, go into the options tab and tick the tick box near where it says "Add random squares to confused the Google bot." It is hard to find but has a question mark near it and if you hover over it the help text says "Just like an Aztec pyramid with a box on top."

    The GSA will then automatically bend your link juice into 90 degree angles for you when you let your project run and you will rank after 12 days 4 hours 13 minutes, I am sorry I am unable to tell you how many seconds as it changes but its usually between 17 and 24 seconds.

    Now go get rich!
  • @shaun inb4 OP asks you where that tab is in the options.
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