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How can I get only high TF comments using SER?

I want to send some high TF comments via ser, I've seen evidence of this working while researching and I'm wondering how I can do it via ser?

I have tried using the pr emulator, I tried using the trial before buying it but couldn't seem to get it to use only high TF pages.
It was still just posting to pages with N/A as their TF/CF.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


  • pr emulator give you the tf/cf for the domains, but your means to get some high tf inner page which you want post your comment. that is not easy to make with gsa ser + pr emulator (half hand works.)

    in my mind, you can scrape the list and upload them to the majestic links checker dashboard and make majestic to check the "link" cf/tf. and import the high tf links to your ser projects. but before this, you need buy majestic service at 1st.
  • @foxymak yeah I have majestic subscription, and yeah TF of the commenting url is what will matter, where/how do you suggest I scrape for high TF urls?
  • i think you can:

    scrape the comment list -> import to majestic to check the tf/cf  -> choose the high tf comment list by your hands.
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