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Markov content generator

edited March 2018 in GSA Content Generator
Hi @Sven

You have new on this product ? :)

This is possible to know what he do actually for add idéa ?

Like maybe spider for grab content on special website, full content training or just paragraph by paragraph. Duplicate content checker (%) and maybe possibility to auto change sentence duplicated ? or with a high level of duplicity  :)

Content generator AND comment generator can be good !

Multiple html format (position) with image download and edit on the fly (random algo), but also in raw mod.

Auto correct punctuation, space, capital after points ...

Compare all articles generated.

If you want beta tester i'm here ;)


  • SvenSven
    Indeed Im building a new tool but support work here and there is always delaying things. I have no date when it is ready but the tool can already scrape content from any site, check language used, extract all sentences, create statistics and create new sentences based on that stats.

    It will work for every language (hopefully) and offers all article manager options from SER and more.
  • KaineKaine
    I'm really a hurry to see this, this software go to be a best seller for GSA. 
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