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Xrumer and Captcha Breaker and Captcha Sniper all working together.

Hello, I already have Xrumer and Captcha Sniper, and want to add captcha breaker either captcha breaker or captcha sniper as a failover. In other words run all 3 programs together. Now many of you would say, you only need to run 1 captcha breaking program. However I want to run CB and CS with Xrumer. Does anyone know a detailed setup how to do this?

Thanks in advance


  • SvenSven
    I do not own XRummer but as far as I know, you need to use a captcha service running on port 80. At least I see no parameter to specify the port of the service. Maybe someone can test this or verify!?

    That said, it would only work if you use CB or CS. Even though you demand using both, I can say that using CS would not give you better solve rates. It would just slow down the submission process and in that time you probably would be able to submit to other sites already.
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