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Legality of it all

Hi guys

I wanted to find out if any of you could shed some light on the legality of everything I am trying (and most of you are already achieving) to do.

I know it's definitely frowned upon by Google and other search engines and that it's sometimes labeled as Blackhat SEO for a reason, but is it illegal?

What is the worst that can happen to the website you are targeting?

An example:

Let's say I spend a few days writing a really good, helpful blog targeted at a human audience, and I spend a few more days doing a really good job spinning the article and effectively creating (let's say 100 articles for example purposes), and they have a 90% + uniqueness... 

I then use SER to post these blogs to various websites, with a link or two linking to the website I am targeting and maybe one extra link, linking to a different website in the same industry each time.

Legal, frowned upon, or something else?

Thanks for your thoughts everyone.


  • shaunshaun
    Firstly, if you are building links/buying links/hacking links then its blackhat, if you are requesting links then its grey hat and if you are doing nothing and hoping for the best its white hat. Thats my own personal definition at least.

    Hacking links is against the law, buying/building links is just against terms of service worst that could happen is your site gets slapped.

    Also dont waste your time making human quality articles to load into SER your time would be better spend else where.
  • ^^ agreed 100%.
  • GraylineGrayline South Africa
    Thanks Shaun! Your explanation really helped.

    Just out of curiosity, what exactly do you mean by slapped? Is it a permanent thing or temporary?

    Also, is it not less likely to happen if you post quality articles rather than the auto spun articles created from kontent machine?
  • shaunshaun
    Slapped means penalty, some are perminant some arnt.

    Real articles would only help in the extremly rare chance someone reports your site for manual review and then out of all the complaints Google get they choose your site to check as I doubt they check every report. Even then some of the stuff KM kicks out on T1 quality isnt too bad in all fairness.
  • GraylineGrayline South Africa
    Cool, thanks so much for the answer man. You rock.
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