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build links to previous tier AND URL input

myhqmyhq usa
edited September 2016 in Other / Mixed
Hi @sven.

How could I build links the URLS in the input box AND verified links of selected tier?

a) Say I have a 3 tier project: 
tier 1 = 10 links per URL INPUT (links and RSS of my website pages)
tier 2 = 100 links per verified link of tier 1 & per URL INPUT (my social account pages and youtube videos RSS)
tier 3 = 100 links per verified link of tier 2

b) Or how could I add the social urls/rss to my verfied links of tier 1 (similar as how the FCS Networker implementation works)

Else I would need separate campaigns for every project..


  • SvenSven
    well you can'T unless you import the URLs not to the project but the the main project as verified urls.
  • but that is not possible to be automated? Since the RSS will update...

    So I guess I will have to make separate project for the two kind of targets?

    Could this be a feature request? Is it a big tweak to allow both URL input & Use verified URLS?
  • SvenSven
    Sorry, I will not make this an option....will confuse ppl to much and you can do the same with two projects.
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