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why we need platorm identifier?

GSA checks for platforms itself, why do we need to run this software?


  • shaunshaun
    By GSA I guess you mean SER. I have done loads of testing on pushing SER as far as possible and it seems whenever it gets to the 2000 active thread count it crashes, also it has a limited amount of max RAM usage. When SER is indentifying platforms on lists it is using its threads/memory/CPU resources that could be spent on building you links.

    With PI being a stand alone you can have it on a VPS or server away from your building rigs and let it crack on all day with automation. Back when I was using SER none stop I had a server broken into three VPS'. VPS 1 scraped 24/7 with scrapebox using a number of techniques and then dumped its URLs into a folder. PI then picked these URLs up from that folder and identified them on VPS 2 and VPS 3 was an independent SER/CB set up thats soul job was to verify the identified URLs and push them out to the other instances of SER running on other servers and it was a very effective method.

    If you are new to using SER though it is not essential your SER instance can probably spare the resources.
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