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url#keywords vs. anchors

hi @sven,

If I add urls#keywords on the url input field, how is their usage compared to the keywords, anchors, and the fields below % wise?


  • SvenSven
    the anchor text on the input field is ignored when you have one added with the URL.
  • 1) 100% minus the sum% in YELLOW, the ANCHOR (green) input is used.
    2) if "use keywords as anchor text" is ticked, 100-yellow the KEYWORD (blue) input is used? So no need to fill the anchors(green)
    3) if URL#KEYWORD, 100-yellow the #KEYWORD (red) is used? 
    4) %KEYWORD% can you used for the yellow inputs, and will then pick from KEYWORD (blue) or URL if #keyword(red)

    So basically after the sum of variations (yellow) we take the remaining percentage from either URL, KEYWORD or ANCHOR input?

  • Some additional questions. 

    When adding a RSS, it says it will use the <title> and <link>. will it use the <title> as KEYWORD? Similar to url#keyword?

    When a project builds 10 links per url per day, will it update all new urls in the RSS and build 10 links to them every day?

  • SvenSven
    1) correct
    2) no, 100% blue - yellow is used
    3) no 100% red - yellow is used
    4) the macro %keyword% will always use the one from the input field keywords
    rss1: yes it will use title as anchor text
    rss2: it will reload that rss feed several times an hour and when new urls have been found start submitting there as well.

  • great thanks!
  • myhqmyhq usa
    edited September 2016
    Just to confirm, the RSS will work for Youtube also? since 
    <title>Long Tail Keyword 2</title>
    <link rel="alternate" href=""/>

    are within the <entry> tags?


  • SvenSven
  • and can you confirm this RSS too?


    will the "<![CDATA[      ]]" be ignored for the anchor?

  • SvenSven
  • Hi @Sven,

    if I use a RSS with title & link, is there a way that I can put multiple keywords in the title?

    I create this myself, so I just need the format, how would I accomplish similar things like:
    but with the title&link using RSS?
  • hmm and I get this error with my current RSS, what does it mean? 2016-10-12 17.09.02.png?dl=0
  • SvenSven
    using spin syntax in title should work and get what you want. However the error shows that some { is used and not closed!?
  • myhqmyhq usa
    edited October 2016
    I didn't have any spin syntax yet, that symbol was just in the content. In that case I could just IGNORE?

  • SvenSven
    yes ignore it then
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