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Feature Request - Duplicating All Selected Tiers In Campaign Duplicates Campaign As Is

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At the moment when you select all tiers in a campaign and duplicate
you have to rename each leg of the campaign and the interlinks
between the campaign go to the old campaign it was copied from which isn't just ideal.

How I would like it to work is this :
  1. Tiers are selected in one campaign then right click copy - naming box appears.

  2. Name is entered. New name becomes *prefix* of the original name like this newname-oldname

  3. All tiers replicate tiering structure from original campaign in renamed campaign.
Why Is This A Good Idea?

You could literally duplicate a campaign in a moment and feed the top tier a new url.

Does anyone else agree?



  • edited February 2013
    A better way to do this for what I think you are trying to do is to have a "premade" layout which, after defined, you push create and it produces your project and tiers the way you like them.  You set the data beforehand and when you are ready to make a new site it's 75% done. That way you just type in the new url/content and you don't have to recheck the platforms, enter in the generic anchor text and all those other settings which take a lot of time to do, and are always the same across all your projects.

    I've thought about this too already and agree it would be a helpful feature.
  • So basically when we goes to tier1 and we right click select create tier we allow to build how many tier example: 3 tier and then click ok then the GSA SER will create tier linking:

    Tier1 <- Tier2 <- Tier3 <- Tier4

    All we have to do is change the article for each tier, set up the options and add email address...

    hmm... after i rethinking... This feature will not benefit a lot cause we have to do manual editing at each tier. So while we editing why not we edit the tier link setting.... I think current GSA SER is ok, since it almost the same, it only skip the tier selection which is only takes few seconds to do it.
  • @darman82

    Why not just press a button have your campaign set up filled in with your global settings and just have a few blank fields to fill in? Why make it harder on yourself? 
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Or create a group of projects called "Test" set to inactive and when you need to do this, just copy the group, tweak settings and activate. 
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