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Penguin 4.0 Now Live And Real Time.

edited September 2016 in GSA Search Engine Ranker

I'm curious if all the problems some people have been having the past few weeks are due to it being real time or due to it being rolled out.

Time to get to work and find the gaps guys :).


  • Im assuming this is the exact reason why many had seen serp drops recently including myself. As you said, time to figure out what they are targeting and conquer.
  • @shaun thanks for the share! Yes, clearly there was a G adjustment. I have seen sites with older link tiers not affected one bit, and able to keep going as is. I have seen other sites that are newer get slammed. The commonality was that the newer links were all in the last 90 days. Just guessing, but it does seem that G has gone more real-time with Penguin which may play against link profile, link velocity, link quality issues. Interested to hear how others are faring.

  • I did a GSA blast directly to my money site & nothing happened to it yet. Its been about a month.. ahrefs shows 1.8K new reffering domains.. 
  • I reckon super maniac spam is the way forward with this. Not churn and burn, I mean it should appear viral. This takes a lot of effort and thought and timing, the latter being key.

    This means, if you have some choice sellers on BHW or elsewhere, throw them extra $£ to get them to do 'it' at the exact time of day, so you can throw big links, social buzz, press releases etc all the same time. Mega spammage pointing people all to a rrrrroollllling 5-10k page of content on your site. 

    They seem to love loooong pieces of content, something I tested not long ago and mentioned it, but 10k+ words was overkill and made no difference so I chopped it up and added a few pages out of it which are all ranking well compared to that singular page - time to test again.

  • @JudderMan my post got hit by G at 9/16, and same day my site gain a link from buzzfeed. The post drop from page 2 to nothing.

    Just remove buzzfeed link today, see what would happened.
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