WAC - Wicked Article Creator scam?

I own full copy of WAC with Tier 1 module. Now I see WAC is not working anymore and there are "new owners" of the program who want me to pay again lol.
So I have to pay another 50$ even if I already have license?


  • shaunshaun https://www.youtube.com/ShaunMarrs
    Thankfully I never tried WAC but all I have heard is bad things.
  • Accepted Answer
    @crackysa I bought WAC too. I did receive an email from the new owners about a free download of the new version about two months ago. Did you reach out to them? Sorry but I deleted the email as WAC is crap imo. Instead of spending more on a wac upgrade, invest that money to a KM purchase. Significantly better software. Good luck.
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