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Short Background : 
  • I have a new sort of social website - 2 months alive. poorly ranked.
  • Tried some paid Seoclerck / fiverr  / Blackhat (website) services. yet, really not good enough.
  • I own the GSA Ranker (without Captcha Breaker).
  • I am a web programmer for at least 10 years but I'm so newbie for SEO ( knows only the regular stuff)
What I am aiming for : ( 1 from the below options)
  • Option 1 : Affordable But top elite (not the regular crappy stuff) GSA RANK SEO service as I am very budget tight 
  • Option 2 : Service that will make Best Ready GSA Ranker PROJECT (customized for my website) setup correctly (mostly google safe) being used with some semi-proxies and lists services like etc (following best practices)
  • I can spend something like 35$ - 50$ top per month for 1st option and the same for 2nd option full setup & support
Any suggestions ? 


  • shaunshaun
    Said it before and I will say it again....."Affordable" and "top elite" don't go togeather.....

    Also, the people who sell SEO, especially at these kinds of prices are the people who couldn't workout how to do it on their own websites so they decided to start scamming people.

    My suggestion is to go to freelancing sites and try get web programming gigs to increase your funds available, expand your tool set and learn to do it yourself.
  • What @shaun said +1. No offense, but at that budget, you can't even buy enough proxies to perform at an elite level. The best way to do seo is to learn it yourself. Your are 90% of the way there with your programming background. Now you need to learn strategy and the actual software you are using. There are tons of threads hear where all of this is discussed. There are no short-cuts or freebies in seo. And, you get what you pay for when you hire someone. I would never ever outsource projects for anything I cared about. No way.
    Just to give you a basic guideline for a budget, at a very basic level the services are mostly one off - SER, KM, etc. and then monthly for proxies, indexing. For more firepower you need something to create 2.0's like RW, RankerX, FCS. Most of those now are worthless. Not necessarily from being bad, but not updated frequently enough. It is a lot of work to keep those platforms going. Sven is releasing one soon, and given his dedication, I am sure that will be the one to buy. You'll also need to generate lists. I suggest SB v2 for that. One-off cost. Awesome product. Does a lot more than scrape. Then climbing up the food chain you will need to invest in a PBN network which requires acquisition cost and then monthly hosting cost. 
    You can see this is a bit more than what your budget number is. This is the basic tool set for most people you will compete with. So you need to be at this level or more to get results.
    Good luck.
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