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Any recommended Alittle cheap Yahoo bulk emails seller ?

I have been buying from some yahoo email provides but now they have stopped providing non pva emails and started providing pva emails and of course they are very much costly for gsa ser projects.  Can some one recommend me any good pop3 enabled yahoo emails providers ? I need 2k-3k or may be more next month.


  • I stopped buying email addresses and started using catch-all mailbox. Works great and no need for thousands of email addresses. Search the threads, there are several providers available.
  • @viking I have right now 5 gsa ser liscenses running on 5 VPS and also checked catchall emails vendors. They have threads limit. and they are also very much expensive for using on 5 different setups
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    5 catchalls should do the trick, it's definitely cheaper than using 3k yahoos / month. Not to mention infinitely more practical.
  • Why buy catch-alls instead of just buying 10 domains and setting up a catch-all on your own server?
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    Well for much the same reason that ranking stuff with SER isn't something you can do without much effort out-of-the-box. Setting up catchalls is much more complicated, expensive and time-intensive than you think.

    In order to setup a catchall properly, you at least 1 domain ($10 / year) and a cpanel hosting with root access. Root access only comes on VPSes (for which cpanel license alone is around $15 / month). You need root access in order to disable all email filters or you will lose out on a significant amount of links.

    Example #1 - You're a small time SER user. You use it occasionally and when you do, you build no more than 100-200 links / day. You only really need just 1 catchall (which costs $6.5 / month on our site). 

    It will cost you at least $35-40 upfront and then $25-30 / month just for that one catchall if you're looking to set it up yourself.

    Example #2 - You're SER power-user. You have multiple servers all running SER 24/7 building loads of links each day. You probably need 10+ catchalls ($35 / month on our site). 

    In order to setup this yourself, you could buy one domain for $10, setup 10 subdomains and get the same hosting as in example #1. 

    But there's more to running catchalls when you have a setup like this. You need to make sure your small VPS can handle that many emails. Both disk space and disk speed wise. Then is your server provider going to tolerate the fact that you're hogging all disk resources and receiving absurd amount of emails with your cheap VPS? And then there's the matter of setting up the firewall properly and all other aspects of server administration you need to do.

    As with everything else, we're in the business in selling convenience. It's much more convenient to get a catchall from a provider than it is to setup and manage it yourself. Sure you can do it yourself but you're giving up a lot of your precious time in order to save a couple bucks. If that's worth it to you then by all means, set it up yourself, nobody's stopping you.

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