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Getting an (no site list, possibly blocked by Google) error


 I am a newbie to GSA and still getting acclamated. I am getting a project error saying that there are no site lists or possibly blocked by Google. Why is that?

Do I need to scrape with footprints to find article sites and then add import more to GSA? Or is this because I am checking site lists against engines?

Still working through the manual and threads on this forum. Still the best software ever Sven, especially when integrated with Kontent Machine


  • SvenSven
    There are not enough targets to feed every remaining fee thread. So this message comes up after a longer time with no site to post to. SER can give you some hints where this might come from but in the end you have to see for yourself.

    If you use public proxies, then yes,m this can be a cause of the proxies being banned on google.
  • Tins1960Tins1960 United States
    Thanks Sven. I have been scraping targets to post to.
  • sounds like a proxy issue. are you using private dedicated proxies?
  • Tins1960Tins1960 United States
    Moved to private now.
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