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Only Finding 200 Google Passed Proxies?

Hey GSA friends,

 I am only getting 200 Google passed proxies throughout the day. When scraping in Scrapebox I get about 400.

I love the tool. I am not sure however if I am doing something wrong with my settings. I have explored the topics and threads and have even watched tutorials.

In the automatic search I am searching every 5 minutes, I have retest settings both checked, I am not deleting any proxies.

In the export settings I have three exports. One for Google passed, one for Scrapebox, and one for all scraped proxies. Google passed and SB are both set to save every 10 minutes, all proxies are set to save every 30 minutes.

I have heard others talk about getting more than 500 passed Google proxies through the GSA proxy scraper and constantly having them available. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks to anyone who can take the time. :)


  • SvenSven
    Thats actually normal. There are really not many google passed proxies. Scrapebox might say there are more as they do no actual search on google but usually load the front page only. The caprtcha request comes up only after doing a search.

  • Tins1960Tins1960 United States
    I had squid private proxies, I am going to look at spartan for a more affordable dedicated proxy list and use scraped proxies for scraping lists
  • To get the best results out of SER you need to have private dedicated proxies. No way to short-cut that. Scraped proxies work fine on SB, not on SER.
  • Tins1960Tins1960 United States
    Was up until 6am testing. On the path to success now. I am using squid proxies, I have 50, I saw other recommendations for dedicated. Do you have a preffered provider?
  • everyone has a favorite. i currently use buyproxies but I am always on the lookout for a better deal

    congrats to your successful change of direction. I think you will see much better long-term results.
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO
    Gsa ser inbuild proxy scrapper also scrape google proxy only.
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