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additional links vs additional verified links?

Hi @sven.

What is the difference between: additional links vs additional verified links?

1) Is the additional links from the URL input? So if its a secondary tier its basically also a link wheel. Or are they not verified links?

2) how are the verified links inserted? Also under random words?

3) do you recommend to shorten articles to a set number of words?

4) HTML variations are disabled by default, what are the recommendations for this?


  • SvenSven
    additinal links: those you have added in the project's URL data field
    verified links: those that SER has already build for this project
    2. inserted in a random place if SER can not locate that anchor itself
    3. no, i would always write that article in a conman length and submit that. if a site requires a shorter or longer size, then SER is doing that for you anyway
    4. leave them disabled for best visual reading.
  • 1. so if URL data field is empty (because "use a random link from another project" is used) this would basically be the same as "verified" link, but from another project? both linkwheels..

    2. with anchor you refer to any anchor/keyword in data settings?

    3. ok

    4. ok.
  • SvenSven
    1. yes
    2. well the anchor of the link to be placed. Whatever SER is wanting to insert now.

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