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duplicate quickstart template

myhqmyhq usa
edited September 2016 in Other / Mixed
Hi @Sven

I want to create a template with multiple tiers, where i enter all settings, emails, targets per tier, etc. And which I can then quickly load and autofill with content for multiple projects..

I have been playing with the restore, backup, duplicate etc. but I don't get it to work..

Duplicate doesn't show a new project, backup and restores says the project already exist and asks to append or overwrite, neither of which creates another project, etc..

Probably i am missing something. Thanks)


  • SvenSven
    well why should "duplicate" not show the new project!?
  • ok @sven, I got the duplicate to work, but only for individual tiers.. not for a group. I made a short video to illustrate my issue, this way my overview gets messy very quick. How could I duplicate the entire group (in bold font) with undelying tiers and just give the group a new name...?

  • SvenSven
    you simply can not duplicate a whole group!?
  • Ah i cannot? Bummer

    what is the best way then? copy tiers individually and move them to a new group?


    Backup / restore the group? I note I have to change the name of all tiers to prevent overwriting them? Change the group name is not enough, right?

  • SvenSven
    you can duplicate the main project and say YES when asked to duplicate it's tiers as well.
  • After some testing I will create 1 group with all required tiers, I will then back that up. Upon restore I will rename the group and all tiers adding a prefix. The next time I will restore that is possible if I keep renaming them properly. Thanks for the help!
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