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Some questions

I just got PR Emulator a couple of hours ago, but have a few questions now that I've tried it. I have not tried using it with SER yet, so this only concerns loading a URL list that is going to be checked.

1. Is there no way of checking metrics for the URLs in my list, instead of just the subdomain? For example, if I want to check but I am only getting the majestic stats for

2. Is it possible to increase thread count for metric checking? I found about 500 working proxies with the built in proxy-tool, but the metric checking was very slow, maybe 1 result every 5-10 sec.

3. When the software is checking a loaded list of URLs, it becomes unresponsive every 2-5 sec, can I do something about this?

4. Would it be possible to choose a combination of rules to filter by? Or at least limit citation vs trust flow ratio in some way? A page with 10/10 in TF/CF might be fine, but I wouldn't want to post to a page with 10 TF and 40 CF.

5. I noticed that Sven mentioned in another thread that some additional data like social shares and wayback machine date is available in the latest update, which was 1.94? I'm just at version 1.13 and the update button says that it's up to date. I'm also not able to find this new data anywhere.


  • SvenSven
    1. just modify the urls in the file using pspad or notepad++
    2. sorry no, thats only possible with GSA Proxy Scraper
    3. no, but i can...guess i have to change things here and there a bit.
    4. sorry, not possible...again only with Proxy Scraper
    5. You are using the wrong tool as written in 2+4
  • The urls in the file are already set to the correct pages, but they only return metrics for the subdomain itself.

    Alright, seems like I got the wrong tool like you say.
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