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GSA SER - Tiered Project Creator - Free Trial and Discount

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Access To 400+ Niches


GSA Project Creator comes loaded with over 400+ niches. You can download 20 times daily from any niche. Every time you download your uses will decrease by 1. This will be reset after 24 Hrs. You can see the main niches in above screenshot.

Atleast 100 articles will be downloaded every time you click load. The tool will also download titles and keywords which you can use in your campaigns. Please note that you need to have some content loaded before you build any campaign for GSA. Since the tool downloads from our database you don't need to use any proxies or anything else with this software.​

Build Hundreds Of Spun Article Within Seconds


You can build hundreds of spun article within few seconds. Just select any tab of content and click on article button. You can choose how many articles to build. It will build content and show them in a new window.

All the articles are spun on paragraph level and word level. You can preview these articles and save them as text files. GSAPC allows you to build articles with titles inside them. You can also save them as text files to import in your GSA projects.​

Build Upto 21 Fields For Each GSA Project


You can build upto 21 fields for any GSA campaign. GSAPC will split your content into smaller parts and use them for building content for GSA project. It even builds all the foreign fields like german comment, titles and polish comment and descriptions.

Every field has spintax and you can preview these fields in another window. You can save the fields in a single project or a text file. GSA supports both formats for import.​

Build Dozens Of Complete Project With Complete Data Set


You can build multi-tiered projects with ease. Build as many tiers as you want in each project. You can change number of articles and niche content per tier too.

GSAPC will save all these files as individual prj files in the folder you choose. Copy them to GSA project folder and restart GSA. All the projects will be loaded.



Make sure that you select GSAPC in trial form. After filling form on website, post "form filled for GSAPC trial" in this thread for me to verify that you asked for trial. I will send an email to you with license within 2-3 hrs.

The price is $65 One-Time. Use GSA10 as coupon to get $10 off.

You can watch videos here :


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