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Proxy Scraper Advanced Server Setup

Hi @Sven,

How could I:

1) Run ProxyScraper (incl PR metrics) as a webserver on the same server I run CaptchaBreaker?
2) Use IP authorization besides username/password authorization, for both proxies and metrics, to control the IPs that can connect.
3) use different username/password for different kind of proxies (e.g. TAGS: google pass proxies, anonymous proxies, fast proxies, all proxies..)



  • SvenSven
    1) Yes, usually you would run the proxy server on a different port than the 80 one that CB needs. That PR emulation however needs port 80.
    2) You can do the IP authorization only by some firewall settings.
    3) Not added for now

    I guess you want to use/abuse our tool as a service for others?
  • I want to (ab)USE it for multiple VPS, yes )) Could I submit the above as feature request?
  • SvenSven
    I noted it down.
  • Okay, keep me posted ))
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