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GSA Proxy Scraper - Optimal Settings

I am using GSA PS to bulk check TF/CF using the URL metrics scanner. 
Not to feed into GSA automatically, I feed in my URLs into GSA manually - so this is for my own list creation and filtering.

Just wondering if people could chime in on the following settings:

  • Testing against Majestic - I guess this makes the most sense given the single purpose I am using this tool?  This reduces the number of working proxies considerably - to under 200 right off the bat, for example.
  • Automatically search every 5 min or when less than 200 proxies are available - sound reasonable?
  • Automatically remove proxies when down for 3 minutes - too low?
  • Using 100 threads maximum.  I heard GSA PS doesn't use much system resources.  But I also heard you have to be careful and not get your own IP banned - is this reasonable?
  • Otherwise everything the same.
  • Max threads 5.  I guess this should be lowish to not burn out the proxies?
  • Max retries 10.  I figured that you can always export the ones that didn't work and retest them later...
  • Otherwise everything the same.
Anyone else using it for these purposes?  Let me know your thoughts!
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