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Google, Bing proxies


how i can automaticaly export google and Bing proxies ?

Other question whn i harvest URL's with Scrapebox on Yahoo&Bing when  i import 500 Google/Bing proxies found with PS i have 6000> error on both engines and 80 harvested URL's 


  • SvenSven
    export: Just create a template and in settings use the TAG google/bing.
    well what kind of errors? Make sure you only export WEB and Socks proxies as ScrapeBox does not understand CONNECT proxies.
  • k, i'll try and let you know, thanks
  • @Sven - Is it OK to export CONNECT proxies with Google TAG, for SB, or must it be WEB + SOCKS + GOOGLE TAG (I scrape Google)? 
  • SvenSven
    No, ScrapeBox can not handle CONNECT proxies. You have to skip that completely.
  • How should WEB and Socks proxies be tagged ? 

    Couse when i TAG WEB&Socks it notice me that there is no proxies with that TAG ?

  • SvenSven
    socks is not a tag but a type of a proxy. So you have to enable socks + web export as proxy type and google passed proxies as tag.

    In the end you might want to disable the CONNECT type globally.
  • OK thanks, could you help me where i can do that ?
  • I think i found it...

    settings-->Filter-->I checked all "Do not accept this and that proxies", "accept only if Tagged as "Google" and accept only following types WEB+Sokcs4+Socks5, unchecked Connect proxies Automatic export as you said....

    Thanks ;)

  • SvenSven
    sorry for being late but you figured it out I guess :)
  • Hi @Sven, with these settings i have much more errors and very little scraped URL's majority of errors are Socket errors so it pointing to bad proxies since i excluded SB and PS in all security softwares  ?

  • SvenSven
    I guess the errors are usually BING passed proxies?
  • Yes, most of them for Bing and some of them are for Yahoo...
  • That may not be proxy scrapers fault. It depends how hard you hammer with SB. Try lower your connections in SB, that helped for me. 
  • @Sven thanks on the info, i have never used them

    @antonearn i'm using 3 connection regardless on number of loaded proxies

    I'm now using detailed harvester at least scrape lasts longer, couse with custim harvester it finishes scraping for a second lol
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