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is there way of using emails for all for my projects

Hi All 

I was wondering if there is way of adding all my emails ( like a bank ) to run all my projects to cut down time entering them in for each project and testing them 

look forward to hearing from you all 


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    Dont think so, not without third-part software. I use a mish-mash of scripts to bulk configure my projects for me.

    A Catch-all should do the same job for you though.

    I think there is a free tool floating around somewhere on these forums that achieves the same end as well. I believe it was called "Ser project manager" or something like that.
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    Yeah, like @1linklist said, catchall will do exactly that. You can import it to your template project and each time you copy that to create a new one, you don't even have to touch email verification settings.

    We have a 30-day free trial if you want to try it out:

    If you have specific questions about how it works, hit me up and I'll be happy to help.
  • many thanks guys and appreciate the response .. give a couple of days and i'll have look into that 
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    Saw this guy on BHW, looks like he might have a tool like what you need. I've never used it, so dont take this for an endorsement:
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