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Can I rent a server overseas?

For a lot of reason, I wan to rent a VPS overseas with hard drive is SSD, bandwidth is good, too.   But I was in USA,  the VPS I want to rent is in Hong Kong, China.  I don't know can I rent it to use in US,  if can, how does the service will be limited ?


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    You can rent hosting/servers from whoever sells them, obviously the data-center will probably be wherever the company is located - but you can still use the server to do more or less whatever you like.
  • Simon46Simon46 california
    Thank you for your help
  • It is usually more expensive, except for OVH if you know how to setup the server yourself.
  • In Hong Kong it shouldn't be limited. And if it was, you could just set a VPN to have access to everything from this server.
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