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Is GSA SER providing any backlink reports?

Hi there, just want to ask how much hours are needed for a campaign to end and if GSA is providing some backlinks reports.
I run my first campaign now for the 3th day ( i set it up to start for 1 day after 50 submissions ).
Is there any way to see the remaining process?


  • SvenSven
    The project will never end unless you tell it to. SER is not some program with a fixed list of URLs to submit to. It searches for targets to submit links so in the end there will always be targets.

    However a report can be created by right click on project->show urls->show verified urls->export...
  • Now i am more confused:)
    It's normal to see just 17 verified urls and 74 submitted ? after more than 24 Hours?

    About when to stop the project...are there any "safety rules" after how many submissions to stop?
    Will it be better to create and run other campaigns and update the old ones with some new article in the article manager?

    How many projects can i run the same time with 10-15 proxies?

    Sorry that i make so many questions Sven but i am really new on this and i don't want to make mistakes destroying my websites.

    Thank you again!

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