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GSA Going Slow & Capture Error Message - 60 Proxies / 0.35vpM / Dedicated Server / 1Gbps Connection


As the title suggests, I'm getting very poor results from my newly acquired GSA SER.

And I'm getting very little results, vpm of 0.31vpm now, dropping since I started writing this article.

Any idea on what I'm doing wrong?



  • SvenSven
    I would need more than just a VpM number to see what might be wrong.
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    What kind of links are you building? Contextuals?

    Those will always be slow if your scraping links from directly inside SER. Remember, your only getting 1 link per domain with contextuals.
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    The links I'm submitting:

    - Articles
    - Directory
    - Social Bookmark
    - Social Network
    - Web 2.0
    - Wiki

    In seven hours:
    96 submitted
    16 verified
    vpm now 0.04....

    It went nearly 3 hours without getting one verified link

    I spoke with Sven who kindly identified blocked proxies, these were replaced yesterday with 60 fresh proxies, but I haven't seen that much of an improvement, in fact, it's got worse.

    My next idea would be to look at acquiring target URLs, this rate is just far too slow
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    If your scraping within SER itself, your never going to get much above 5-10 VPM for contextuals- even if you tweak everything to kingdom-come.

    I'd look into Scrapebox/Hrefer for scraping your own lists, or, of course, buying Linklists. Obviously I think mine are the best, but you can view a large selection in the Buy/Sell/Trade section right here.

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    I would actually be quite happy with 5-10 VPM.

    My VPM is actually 0.02 now. I will look into Scrapebox & Linklists, something needs to change with this
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    You can try fleshing out the Search Engines SER is scraping from as well. Adding a number of custom-search engines can make a huge difference.

    PS: Shameless plug, again, because I'm terrible, but it might actually help.

    We have a free trial on our site, no strings attached. So I'd grab that and see if importing the freebie lists makes a difference. If not, you have a problem somewhere outside of list acquisition.

    Also, we have a couple of bigger lists you can download for free here on the forums. (A few 100k VS the 5-10k we give out daily via the trial). Dig through my post history and you should find it :)

    Hope some of this helps.


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