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SE Rocket Link Lists Question

I see that GSA is promoting that service and after a research i make i read that the results will be much better using that tool.
My questions are:
1 - Its really worth to buy it or is it just a overpriced service?
2 - Will it work 100% with GSA SER even SER is making many updates from time to time?
3 - Is the any tutorial/video guide to explain how Se Rocket will be installed and setting up with GSA?
4 - I will really appreciate some opinions/testimonials.

Thank you Guys!


  • You already asked me the same questions, but let me reply again:

    > 1 - Its really worth to buy it or is it just a overpriced service?

    If you want to waste your time and scrape results, then you don't need link list.
    Idea of such services is to save your time so you can use it for more important parts of your business.

    > 2 - Will it work 100% with GSA SER even SER is making many updates from time to time?

    Yes, Yes!

    > 3 - Is the any tutorial/video guide to explain how Se Rocket will be installed and setting up with GSA?

    I told you - there is PDF guide.

    > 4 - I will really appreciate some opinions/testimonials.

    And those are two places where you can find opinions and testimonials. 

  • Hi there!
    Just wanted to read some opinions...anyway i find your thread on blackhat and buy your product already :)
    I didn't know about your thread here so thanks for the update!


  • shaunshaun
    edited September 2016
    I'm guessing he asked here to get oppinions of people who are not profiting from him buying the service....

    1 - It's a massively overpriced service, you get nowhere near what is advertised on their website due to there being so many dead or captcha updated sites.

    2 - This is too broad of a question to ask, it will work in the sense that SER will be able to load the link list and ATTEMPT to post to the target urls. This is how list sellers dance around their wording on their sales letters because to work all the list has to do is be loadable by SER there doesnt have to be any end result. 

    If by work with SER you mean actually get you verified URLs from their list then you wont get anywhere near what they claim. To be fair though many list providers do this now.

    3 - They are pretty easy to intergrate into your SER right.

    I am pretty sure I posted in their thread after that too because their support purposefully slowed down their process because I posted that review on their service in their sales thread. Essentially they attempted to border line blackmailed me to stop posting in their sales thread or open a shit list thread about them saying it would some how take longer for them to issue a refund if I did theses. Their support also tried to blag me saying their list was servicable by using some out dated techniques.

    Also they also openly lied on their sales page, a guy I was coaching a few weeks back asked me about their list and they were still lying on their sales thead then too...

    OP I made this post a while back over on BHW about what you actually get from using links like this....

    I actually feel bad for using Looplines list for the breakdown example because we have spoken a few times since I posted that and he does seem like a genuine guy who cares about his customers and perhaps had too much on his plate back then to keep on top of everything.

    Since then Loopline has made some changes to his list to increase the quality of the list, to do this he has had to increase the price a little but I did test his list once the changes had been implemented and it had become a much better list.

    I often flip flop between what is better, making your own list or just buying one. My most recent train of through was that it is better to scrape for your own contextual targets as well as process any non contextuals you get with the process but non contextuals from a list are fine. Due to the indexing problems with contextuals though in my oppinion they are close to useless right now so it is probably better over all to just buy a premium list to get your hands on some non contextual targets.

    I would recommend you avoid SERocket though and go with either of the Loopline options. To my knowledge both his Auto update and SERLists (SERLists is a one off list) are both held to his new higher standards.

    With non contextuals you can pretty much get away with purchasing SERLists as it is one off and using it for a few month. It will save you cash rather than having to keep a monthly payment option going.
  • Thanks for the detail shaun.
    I buy Serocket already because i have a good experience with them in the past buying some other services.
    About the customer service the only thing i have to say that they are just perfect answering to all my questions so far...I will try them and see the results.

  • cyndicccyndicc Los Angeles, California
    I bought one before... not worth it to be honest.
    Better scrape your own list.
  • Grindslist is hands down the best list option for Ser. 
  • shaunshaun
    @justaime I have heard lots about them so I just checked their sales page out.

    I see nothing special about them that suggests they are hands down the best.....

    In your oppinion what makes them the best?
  • edited September 2016
    1 Grind runs it.
    2 It's by far the best service I have ever used when it comes to lists, and I have tried damn near all of them.
    3 The results spoke for themselves from all my personal tests. 
    4 I also got in when it was only 47$ well worth every penny!
    5 The private skype group.
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