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189 submitted , only 3 verified , how comes ? any one can give me suggestion ?

I am new to GSA Search Engine Ranker, i have read a lot about this software, and have decided to buy below,to do my own google SEO projects.

GSA Search Engine Ranker
GSA Captcha Breaker
GSA Proxy Scraper 
Kontent Machine

I think tiered link strategy sounds great, so i am now doing tier 1 + tier 2 + tier 3 link building.I start building tier 1 article link on drupal,wordpress ,buddypress and xpressengine as expert suggested here.But it seems frustrating with a result of 189 submitted and only 3 verified ( i have around 1800 proxies ) . Please see my screen shot below, any one can give me some suggestion ?image

My options setting as below:



( Captcha Breaker interface )


Below are my project settings:


Besides, i have other questions below:
1. i am using a hotmail account for email verification, but seems the software can't login my account, and ever time returns with some code:
 POP3 Login failed - -ERR Authentication failure: unknown user name or bad password. [Error="ProxyNotAuthenticated" AuthResult=0] [first appeared at 2016-09-09 17:27] , 
how to avoid this problem ? should i use another email box ( not, ) ? I think gmail can't be used, right ?

2.How to know if these submitted links verified or not besides the 3 verified links ? The rest 186 submitted un-verified links will be un-verified , right ? especially for the article links. 

3. I have a moneysite / homepage, should i set around 30 manually blogs from different domains to be Tier 1 link ? Around 30-50 Tier 2 link point to Tier 1 link ? 50-200 tier 3 link point to tier 2 ? If yes, Anyone can recommend some high authority do-follow blog domains for me ?
Or i can just set up around 100 tier 1 article / blog link by GSA automatically ? Tier 2 to Tier 1 ? Tier 3 to tier 2 ?
Or I can build another 5 website as tiered 1 link bound to money site / home page ?  Create tier 2 ,3 links to the 5 new website ?
Which one is better, can anyone advise ? Thanks very much for your help !


  • SvenSven
    the problem seem to be the proxies. You use all public proxies I guess? Make sure they are actually working and not just added.
  • Proxies are shit, emails are shit. There's literally no other words for it.

    Read the forum a bit more ;)

    Use dedi proxies and catchall emails - catchallseo for emails and blazingseollc for proxies (pick up text captcha and OCR while you're there). Both people that run those businesses are on this forum, and there's a reason for that, they make their products for people like us and tools like SER.

    You're welcome, you'll grow to love me, don't worry.

  • What @JudderMan said +1. I use BuyProxies and Catchallboxes for my stuff. 

    Dedicated proxies are a MUST for better results.
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    I second what Judderman and Viking said; but in the mean time, you can raise the requirements on your public proxies. Lower response times, and make sure to test for anonymity.

    I would also add some additional proxy sources.

    Also, make sure you enable using proxies for checking email. Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo will block you from the Pop3 server FAST if your not using them.
  • shaunshaun
    Pretty much what the lads have already said.

    I highly recommend SEOSpartans catchall emails, so cheap for what you get.

    Also just to add, the proxies you are getting from GSA PS should be used to scrape not post. GSA PS is an excellent tool but the proxies are public so treat them like a depreaciating asset and use them as fast as possible or someone else will.

    I have it set up to export alive proxies every five mins and scrapebox then picks them up and scrapes away with it like a beast.
  • There are lots of factors:
    1. Your list sucks.
    2. Your emails sucks.
    3. Your proxies sucks.
    4. Your recaptcha service sucks.

    ... and much more!
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