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Use emails without password

Hi @Sven,

I wanted to ask if its possible to use email accounts without passwords/login details... So without checking the emails in GSA SER?

I would have the accounts set up so that they click all incoming emails with confirmation links automatically every X minutes.. Independently.

This would mean GSA SER no longer has to do any email stuff.. Or is it required for other features that GSA SER confirms emails itself?

The benefit of this I could just create random account names for some of my domains, and manage all incoming emails from the catch all address.. but obviously these emails will not have their own login and password... So I guess it wouldn't work with the email checker from GSA SER..



  • SvenSven
    This might work for some engines and SER will try to login one last time even if no email arrived. However many sites send also the password by email or other data that SER has to extract before a login/submission is possible.
    You would loose the opetunity to submit to those sites.
  • Understood @Sven. How about for every email address we give the login details for the catch all account? Emails can still be distinguished by the "TO" field, as it wont change, for extracting account related details.. Will that work?

    It will allow us to generate thousands of emails effortlessly and instantly, no need to buy any, no worries about emails getting blocked, for the cost of 1 domain/year, etc...

    And GSA SER only has to check 1 (or a couple of) POP account(s)...
  • SvenSven
    Thats what it can do already.
  • @sven awesome, didn't know that exists already, going to try seospartans instead via your aff link))
  • myhqmyhq usa
    edited September 2016

    instead of a catchall, could we also use something like:
    >>,,, all deliver

    I guess it would serve just as well as the seospartans service for creating unlimited accounts, and leaves the same footprint (but before the @ instead of after... What do you think?
  • SvenSven
    for gmail you can click the catchall label and it will insert a syntax which generates also different emails for the same account. That "+" trick might work but does not validate on most websites as a valid email.
  • @sven, can you give an example of what emails it will generate then, if not with "+"?
  • @sven : I also want to know an example of what email it will generate 
  • SvenSven  << all the same
  • great, thanks!

    1) and @sven, when i share a catchall amongst multiple projects/tiers, will it only connect once every X minutes and verify all emails for all projects at once?

    2) and can I use multiple domains with google apps and connect to only 1 catchall address, example:

    all arrive to and have the same logins...

    So with regards to (1), it will then only connect to and parse/verify all emails for all projects/tiers?
  • And if a platform doesn't except and email with a +, or it refuses an email for any other reason (exist already), (how may times) will it try another email?
  • when working with the export/import emails from file, is there a way to set the email as catchall, or do you have to click that link "catchall" for every email, in every tier/project?
  • SvenSven
    1) it will wait the set time even if that same email was used in other projects. However the email for that project get verified only, not for all.
    2) yes but again not verify emails for all projects...just those emails who belong to that project
    It will try another email yes.
    you can import that data with spin syntax or macros as email and then use proper data for login/password/pop3.

  • you can import that data with spin syntax or macros as email and then use proper data for login/password/pop3.
    >> yes I get that, but is there a way to indicate with that import file that the email is a catchall? I see a last variable "0" after password, but its stays "0" whether I click "catch all" or not... So the question is, if I import emails via text file, do I have to click that "catch all" link for every email, in every tier?
  • SvenSven
    no need to define if it is a catchall or not. Thats really not important for SER. that 0|1 flag is for using ssl or not.
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