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License Issue

Hi Sven,

I tried emailing about this,  but your answers are horrible and just accusing.

But as you should know sven,  i have over 40 copies of SER that I've BOUGHT.  I also have over 40 copies of Captcha breaker that i've BOUGHT as well.  Now when i switched hosting providers and you shut down my license because of multiple IP address's of course there would be.   IF there are issues with my provider of course I'm going to switch.

When I tell you that i'm switching providers this is the email i get in reply.

"well indeed it is an ongoing problem with license you own. It's always the same, you keep abusing them all the time and I also can not belive it is stolen or cracked or whatsoever.

With Best Regards

Sven Bansemer"

Mind you this is only the 3rd time i've switched hosting providers well since SER came out.  The last time I switched hosting providers You gave me the same response. Now you are forcing me to buy another 2 licenses because you deactivated the others.  I've always been a great supporter of SER and active in the community as well as buying more licenses than I actually need mainly because I don't feel like you are getting the money that you should from SER. But to accuse me of Stealing or Using cracked software.  Well I'm a bit offended by that.


  • SvenSven
    @Hunar I don'T know why you want to discuss this in public now but it's your choice. Im aware that you have many licenses though I can not know who on the forum belongs to what license so forgive me about that. Though it doesn't make a difference.
    I have to treat everyone the same. If you use many licenses or not, you still have to follow to the license terms.

    And it is not the first time we have problems with the license. Almost every time Im manually going through license abuses, I see your licenses being used on much more than the allowed number of PCs. Usually I can go over it if I see this is just temporary. However, when this is not the case, I am even emailing you!

    Maybe I have got your first email to this abuse wrong but it was you talking about cracks, not me! And so I added that in my statement.

    Now why is it that your licenses are constantly used on more PCs as allowed? If you want to discuss this in public fine, else reply to my email and we close this here.
  • johnnybjohnnyb united states
    Sven, why are you such an asshole to your paying customers?
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited February 2019
    "Sven, why are you such an asshole to your paying customers? " johnnyb

    Are you serious? lol If every company dealt with customers as Sven did, we would have a better world, online and off. 

    You *WISH* your other Internet marketing tool companies, or even your electric company or favorite fast food joint would be even a fraction as accommodating and helpful.

    I'm still waiting for answers from (more than one)  other SEO tool software company that I have licenses to. 

    How's the sandwich with double the roast beef, EXACTLY three squirts of mustard, (purple) lettuce, oh, the bread, toast it, but not too much and take out the inner doughy part, and some salt, but Ill tell you when to stop shaking.....and while that's happening, I want you to jump on one foot and recite some rhymes. In your second tongue. REASONABLE REQUEST?

    Oh wait, I forgot the cheese and also some toppings, but on that I have actual SPECIFIC requests...

    I have to say something; this is in public and it's just not right. Or true.

    "i have over 40 copies of SER that I've BOUGHT." Hunar

    Wow. I really need to scale up... :|
  • johnnybjohnnyb united states
    edited February 2019
    I've dealt with many companies over the years. Sven is the only one who jumps to the worst possible conclusion without any communication and belittles loyal paying customers. He's impossible to reason with because he's an arrogant asshole. He hides over in Germany, taking money from American's knowing that there really isn't much we can do. The worst customer experience I've ever had in 15 years of IM. 

    I mean, Hunar showed Sven's response and being accused of abusing licenses. Well, he didn't abuse his licenses. Sven was, once again, jumping to a conclusion and being an asshole. That's not how you treat the people who buy your shit. I know I'm not the only one that's had this negative experience. I'll NEVER buy another product with his name on it. In fact, I'll steer everyone I know far away from his prodcuts. So, in the end, he's just hurting himself by being an arrogant prick. 
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "He's impossible to reason with because he's an arrogant asshole. "

    Honestly, I've seen Sven listens to others and actually learns from everyone.

    "He hides over in Germany"

    C'"hides"? That's where the guy lives! :p Seriously....

    "Sven was, once again, jumping to a conclusion and being an asshole."

    I guess I don't know Hunar, and maybe you do, so I can't say a word as to how his licenses were being used or misused.

    Sven is vigilant with his products and licenses, and whether you know it or not, cracking and stealing do go on. Maybe it was the volume of licenses? Maybe other factors? Who knows?

    But I trust that Sven was not trying to harass, but rather protect his software from illicit use.

    "The worst customer experience I've ever had in 15 years of IM. "

    Seriously? I've had so many horrible experiences, but dealing with GSA isn't one.  I guess you've had a totally different set of experiences than I....
  • johnnybjohnnyb united states
    Cracking and stealing a GSA license doesn't last very long because Sven will deactivate the license. Once deactivated, the software is useless. I know this because my license was stolen while using my copy of GSA on a VPS service. I didn't know this occurred. How could I. i was a victim of theft. So, Sven deactivated the license which is of course the right thing to do. He even told me he knew the license was stolen. Yet, he punishes me, the customer. I hold firm on my opinion. He could have handled the situation better instead of jumping on me like I'm some kind of criminal. I don't have time for assholes like that.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited February 2019
    "So, Sven deactivated the license which is of course the right thing to do."

    I think so, too...

    "He could have handled the situation better instead of jumping on me like I'm some kind of criminal."

    Well, from what you say, Sven said the license had been stolen. It doesn't sound like he was accusing you.

    I mean, it COULD have been you, just as easily as it could have been ANYONE using SER. But from what you say, Sven didn't jump to conclusions. He just wanted the theft of that particular license to cease.

    I don't know exactly what you mean when you say Sven "...jumped on you."

    If he didn't accuse you, personally,  and he only shut off that now stolen license, what was of issue? You even admit it was the right choice, on his part.

    And, think of this: Do you want some unknown thief (likely mis)using GSA to spam and not post with care, and the license having YOUR NAME on it? I'm sure you use SER properly...

    So, of course Sven has to turn off any license that is showing IP issues.

    It's unfortunate that we live in a complex world,but if my bank saw weird $#!+ going on in my account and froze my debit card, I might suffer, especially if I were stranded somewhere w/o cash, but they're doing it to protect me, and MY money, really.
  • SvenSven
    @johnnyb so you choose to discuss this in pubic? OK then it may be like that.

    You said to me not to email you ever again but start a public discussion here? Whats the point then? To get attention to your problem?

    The problem is that you have chosen to use a scam VPS system called SuperSEOVPS or CheapSEOVPS or whatever they call themselv now. They offer pre-cracked licenses and of course also take every license and data you use there as there own.

    Even if you didn't knew that when buying (hard to believe as they advertise with it and you can choose a plan with different pre-installed tools), you would have known right after first login.

    The only reason why you would choose there VPS over a legit one, is the reason to get free pre-cracked SEO tools and yes thats that I assume and I can not really think of any other reason. Any pretending that this was not your aim is just not plausible.

    So here comes my accusation:
    You give a f**k about other peoples work as long as you pay less. So why should I now care about your misery of losing the GSA license, especially after this tone and reactivation of a 5 year old thread just to get some attention?
  • johnnybjohnnyb united states
    I used my purchased copy on a vps just like thousands of others do. I didn't steal my license. I didn't give my license away. I simply put my copy on a vps so I wouldn't drain my home resources. The vps was $19.95 which was a lot cheaper than others that I found.

    You say that my license was stolen off the VPS. You blame me for using that VPS. Using a VPS comes with risks and you know that. Any VPS provider can easily steal whatever they want off their own servers.

    So, when you come at me like I'm some kind of criminal, deactivate my license as if I'm the culprit, when in actuality I was the victim, it pisses me off. 

    The real issue, and why you've lashed out at me by deactivating my license, has nothing to do with your precious GSA software. It has everything to do with the fact that you think I was using cracked tools, and that bothers you. I didn't use any cracked tools, I don't need them. I needed a cheap vps. 

    So, keep selling your spam tool to the world and playing dictator to those you personally dislike. Great way to do business. Best of luck to you.
  • SvenSven
    So now Im a dictator...fine.
    The problem is not the usage of A VPS, the problem is the usage of THIS particular VPS you choose.
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