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Links to Your Site In Google Webmaster Tools almost gone?!! You're Not Alone.

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Over the past 20 hours or so, there have been numerous reports and
concerns over the number of links being reported within Google Webmaster
Tools "Links to Your Site" section severely dropping.

The number of links being reported in that section for many webmasters have dropped by as much as 75% for some webmasters.


All my links are gone from Google webmaster tools !!

Probably (Hopefully!) it's a bug and will be fixed soon.

check this Article out

Google Webmaster Tools Links to Your Site Count Drops

Or it's a new Google Tiger Update that will wipe out all the current link building techniques !! Who knows. Only time will tell.


  • Google Tiger oh man that would be a scary one lol
  • Update: Google's John Mueller said in another Google Webmaster Help thread that this appears to be a bug. He said:

    This looks like a bug or a temporary fluctuation with how the data is shown in Webmaster Tools. Your links are still around and being counted normally within our algorithms (at least the sample I double-checked) -- this wouldn't negatively affect your site's crawling, indexing, or ranking in our search results. I don't have a confirmation from the team yet, but we'll update here as we know more. Thanks for your patience & sorry for the confusion!

  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    You should use something like Ahrefs or Majestic to see your IBL's.
  • @swede

    Yeah, I saw this but he didn't confirm it yet. I hope it's a bug.


    I know I can see them. I just hope that Google will count them again!

    All my sites have only a few links left!!. One of them have no links at all!!
  • true.... my self-made crap forum sig are gone..... but not in ALL of my GWT sites..
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