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Using the same accounts that GSA Ranker makes

fireworkzfireworkz New York
edited August 2016 in Need Help
I am a GSA Ranker noob. I'm looking to create social bookmarking Tier 2 links to help boost my 20 to 30 Web 2.0 Tier 1 links.

What I want to do is have about 100 verfied high PR social bookmarking sites that I use to post about 20 to 25 links to each tier 1 coming from separate accounts.

I want to warm up these accounts with other links and posts before I have them post links to my Tier 1's. I also want to continue posting random niche links to these Tier 2 social bookmarking accounts so they don't get deleted in the future.

Thus I can use them again in the future to randomly use 20 to 25 of the 100 social bookmarking accounts to post again to my 20 to 30 web 2.0 tier 1 links for future niche blog articles I create for my money site.

So to sum this up, my main questions are: 

How do I get GSA Ranker to create accounts and then use the same said accounts to post from and not create totally new ones?


How do I get GSA Ranker to randomly choose 20-25 of these 100 accounts to randomly post too (So my Tier 1 web 2.0's aren't always getting links from the same accounts)?

I hope this makes sense...

I am creating a Branded blog that I make self improvement type articles in the fitness, diet, attraction, seduction, wealth building, blogging tips, online marketing niches along with making comedy videos and one day starting a podcast to help earn fuck you money and build a following for my stand up comedy career.

So my thinking is to try and build high quality Tier 1 links and try to boost them with high quality that tier 2 links that are always updated and will stick...

So I need to know how to use GSA Ranker to consistently post to the same accounts to achieve this...

Any advice is greatly appreciated and I am willing to work with anyone in the future to make some mula online and dominate some niches...

P.S. I am using FCS Networker to create my Tier 1 links so those are already accounted for. (I would use them for my tier 2 links as well however they limit you on the amount of submission so this forces me to use GSA ranker for my Tier 2's.


  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    You want to use scheduled posting, then go into modify project/projects -> options -> and configure multiple accounts/posts per account.

    You'll then of course need to feed the same url in multiple times to the same project/projects.

  • Thanks for the help 1linklist! You have given me the gist of where and what I need to do however I'm still not exactly sure how to accomplish this. I'll probably ask some more questions once I deep dive into this on Monday...

    Do you know of any resources on what I am trying to accomplish with this software that takes me through it step by step?
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