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A platform creator addon?

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Gsa ser is one of the best and most successfull pieces of seo software around and google can never beat it because its a fight between robot vs robot.. but gsa ser is the robot with the upper hand!

Anyway I would buy for sure a platform creator addon for gsa something that would let you on screen record the process of creating your own engines for gsa ser in real time on screen (a bit like what senuke had). Something like this would really open up gsa ser even more escpailly if it was made to be able to train gsa ser to post to any website and made things simple as creating your own steps which could be required or not,  right clicking form fields and insert %the right varible% highlighting urls in emails and stuff like that.

Whos with me?


  • SvenSven
    thats something i have done already...but still not ready for usage outside GSA sorry. Im still coding on that Content Generation tool and some others that have to be finished first.
    I know this is been promised all the time but I have to make priorities and sometimes they change.
  • antonearnantonearn Earth
    edited August 2016
    I would love to see that platform creator addon in the near future. 
  • shaunshaun
    Just out of curiosity, what makes you think SER still has the upper hand?

    A friend who used to use SER a lot moved over to something similar with ubot (might have been zenno I always get them mixed up) and hes doing well from it by doing similar to what you are asking.
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    I think the one thing SER has on lock is threading/resource usage. Tools like Ubot have never been practical for "Mass" implementation.

    At least not years ago when I last used them; Ubot was still popping up simulated Internet Explorer windows and crashing all the time.

    It may have changed :p

    Zenno is pretty cool though.
  • SvenSven
    @shaun in your commend I read that you are not satisfied with SER anymore?
  • shaunshaun
    Sven SER hasnt changed, its Google that has changed. SER is a tool, its down to users to workout effective ways to use it. Like I posted on other threads the method I used SER for is effectively dead now. I am leaning more towards PBN based stuff to try that but I still have some SER tests going to see if I can work out a way to use it.
  • edited August 2016
    Through automation if posting to non blacklisted websites and parasite pages and web 2.0 blogs I can actually flood the search results full of my pages (the parasite pages actually stick around). On occasions it kind of looks like I have broken google when the same duplicate content appears page after page for keywords. I find that only gsa ser can scale things up enough to to do this because it does require 1million plus pages created.

    I beleive googles penguin and panda arent half as good as google makes out and is just down to a big tema of manual reviewers blacklisting places "spammers" aka people who just want to do buisness online use to post links.

    That why google would be in serious trouble if things got even easier for us to post to big sites and sites that google hasnt got on its blacklist and create parasite pages on these sites.

    and also that is why I think GSA ser is a much needed tool it is tool to fight against googles dictatorship and attempts to kill off freedom of speech and control the flow of infomation.
  • antonearnantonearn Earth
    edited August 2016
    SER hasn't changed? It push updates all the time and with PR Emulator or Proxy Scraper you can sort out the metrics it should post to. "White hat seo:s" would love to have unlimited backlinks from TF30 RD200 sites in any niche. With SER this is 100% automated. Its brilliant.

    What I suggest adding into the Proxy Scraper (URL Metrics Scanner) is a tab called First indexed, where you can see what year the domain first was seen in Google.
    As we know -- the older the site -- the more trust it (often) has.

    But back to the topic -- SER would totally dominate if the platform creator addon would be released.
  • Maybe also "tasks" seperate from posting for example could make gsa do non posting stuff but also useful like...

    -increasing ctr on search result pages by searching your kewords and brand name and clicking the link on the search result page
    Or logging into web 2.0 site such as medium or somethign similiar and clicking follow links on people profiles which would increase the number of internal links to your profile which would help flow link juice to your page.

    and stuff like that.

  • shaunshaun
    antonearn By SER hasn't changed I mean SER has not changed what it does, it is still doing what it was doing a few month back to rank sites for me. I beleive Google has changed something on its end to cause problems.
  • What problems are you talking about? 

  • shaunshaun
    edited August 2016

    Are you using SER to build contextual links or just blog/image comments? If so are you tracking the index and index retention rates of your contextuals?

    I made the below thread a few weeks back as I had noticed a massive drop off in retention and a few other members of the forum also had the same problem with only one person saying they had not noticed it but when I inboxed them to ask how they were indexing their links they then confirms up on checking they also had the problem.

    I beleive Google have updated their indexing algo, as they did almost exactly a year prior to this one to counter stuff SER makes. I doubt it would be hard to screen its index for domains that are say, less than one year old, have thousands or hundreds of thousands of pages with outbound links and very few trusted domains if any at all linking to them.

    I have had similar problems with some Web 2 and some people posted in the linked thread saying they were having similar problems with PBN domains too.

    If you are just using SER to build blog/image/guestbook/trackback on T2/3 then you probably wont have noticed this as those links should be indexed anyway without you needing to do anything to them.
  • antonearnantonearn Earth
    edited August 2016
    I read that thread and it seems like it has started to work better for you now when using elitelinkindexer? 

    I have not really experienced what you do, maybe because I haeven't used SER that much in the last months.
    What I would like to add into the discussion is the deindexing issues, and it seems like its caused by quality reasons.
    How many words do you use in your contextuals? I do think increasing to at least 1000 words and then using Spinrewriter API in KontentMachine will make a significant impact in increasing links being indexed. 
    Also filter out the bad links with whatever qualifications you have but something like sorting out and remove all links with TF below 20/30 and RD below 200 will make a impact, as they're probably more Trusted sites and therefore crawled more frequently, which should increase your link retentions. 

    "Screening the index", hmm.. maybe just getting the WHOIS data to see when the domain was registered would be enough then. Thats an easy task(?) for Sven. 

  • +1 vote

    With current google algo SER has lost some effectiveness.

    A platform creator would add new life to SER.
  • shaunshaun
    antonearn Elitelinkindexer has the best initial index rate right now but still has a drop off. They were nice enough to email me so I have put some new batches through their system to track it.

    Theres not many contextual platforms that SER can post with with metrice above TF 20.....

    Re content it is set to randomly be between 500-1300. Theres its uniqueness is fine as I worked out its uniqueness % over x spins to keep it above 96% unique.

    This indexing issue has people working on it to launch third party services, I have had a few inboxes on here and on BHW from people building services directly around the latest patch, the problem is the cost per link. One guy was expecting people to pay $5 per 300 SER contextuals for example, i'm hoping its just a matter of time before people work it out and are able to bring the cost down.

    I have made a draft plan for SEREngines V2 that I am actually pretty excited to try out now so just waiting on that, its a mix of the SEREngines platforms and the native SER stuff. On paper it should work exactly like my old method so its just a case of waiting for SEREngines V2 to be release to test it.
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