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How many Articles For 1 Tier & How Often Should I Change Them ?

Hi guys, I'm super duper new with GSA SER and I'm using GSA SER with Verified list bought from 
The things that's been bugging me is How many article should I use for 1 Tier, and should I change them after a while ?
Thanks a lot.


  • shaunshaun
    SERocket is one of the worst list providers going mate, they used to be decent back in the day but cut corners and rip people off now. They tried to blackmail me a while back too for leaving a truthful review on their thread on BHW.Kontent 

    Anyway onto your question, where are you getting the articles? I use Kontent Machine and have worked out a single article at their default T3 settings can be used 3000 times and remain at a very very high uniqueness.
  • rooney10rooney10 around
    edited August 2016
    About my content sources, I copy a bit here and there (mostly from books and magazines) and spin them with WordAI, but it takes quite some time, I haven't used Konten Machine yet, been hearing some good reviews about it, I think I'll give it a try. 

    So, 1 article from KM for 1 tier and just let the project run for weeks, right ?

    About SErocket list, you're probably right, I've been using the list for 2 days, but Captcha Breaker could only recognized 30% of  the captcha :( and the LPM is just ~ 35-40. Do you think I should request a refund ?


    And, which is best GSA list provider I can count on, in your opinion ? Scraping my own list takes lots of time and on top of that, proxies, which I have only 20 of them, so I leave that option out.

    Sorry for asking a lot, and thanks for being such a nice guy answering my silly questions >:D< (damn, still YM emoticons, those were the days)
  • shaunshaun
    I have no idea about word AI uniqueness so can't comment, I usually use a KM article at their T3 settings and let it run for 3000 active verified URLs. I dont care about human readability and all that crap, just uniqueness.

    In my oppinion that deki guy is well dodgy and I will never use one of his products again. You can try to request a refund but i'm not sure how far you will get. He doesnt even know what's going on in his own list, he thinks he has 10226 auto accept wordpress blogs on it.....if that was true his list would be worth too much to sell publically.

    Also, I cant see your screenshot properly, i'm at my parents for the long weekend and their internet has some filter on it and wont let me enlarge it but some of the verification icons on the right hand pane aint familiar to me so i'm guessing they are from potentially bad platforms. And you have tiers at Kitchen Skin, I hate that term so much its just a waste of resource, especially these days.

    I made a post like a year or so again about list providers and kind of called Loopline out in it but thankfully he tool the points on board and took it as constructive critasim and has made changes to his list. I tried it for a month since and it had improved but I have no idea if he still holds it to the same standards.
  • Hi shaun, here're my diagrams from SErocket list, I've been running it for 2 days. Got a total 14k verified links.

    This is from the Contextual only list, with a total of 2546 links. 2073  are from Joomla K2, 78 from MediaWiki, 55 from Buddy Press, just 23 Wordpress.

    This is from a Verified (contextual & non-contextual) list, most of them are Whois, Joomla K2 and Discuz.

    Now that you have a better look at my result, would you mind letting me know if I should continue to subscribe for his list ?

    And btw, how comes non-contextual links (kitchen links) are bad things ? I thought they would give the backlinks profile a natural look, not just full of do-follows and contextual and of course, I don't build backlinks under those kitchen-sink links. 
  • shaunshaun
    I used to be totally against K2 but it seems the recent Joomla patch has cleaned the platform up but also massively decreased the number of verified it yields but I haven't done much testing.

    Media Wiki is a useless platform in my opinion. Buddypress and Wordpress are both great. There looks to be some forum and url shortener stuff in with that contextual only list, I know SER does class one or two forum platforms as contextual but I haven't had a chance to test them.

    Whois is a total waste of your time along with about 50% of the stuff SER can post to in my opinion. I found when I used the Discuz platform it clogged my SER up and slowed everything down so I dropped it. I did a few google checks and i think it had some global index on its backend to monitor IP hits across the whole platform so screwed SER users that way.

    The do follow rate is decent but the unique domains is low. Right now you are just taking their links and pushing them into your live projects, I would push them through a burner project building stuff for or something and then get rid of the crap before it hits your live projects.

    Also once a month purge your verified list of potentially penalised domains, I suggested a native feature for SER to do this but nothing has happened about it. Basically you take the contextual domains from your verified folder, trim them to root and then index check them all in scrapebox. Export the deindexed list and remove from file to get rid of the dead domains to save your resources.

    Kitchen Sink is such a vague term and offers no real guidance or benefit. Many people just tick all the boxes on SER and hope for the best for it and it just wastes so many resources. Right now you have one set up so its not too bad but if you get to the stage with multiple copies of SER running 1800 threads 24/8 it just wastes resources and money. I'm guessing you ain't tracking your index rate but contextual are hard enough to index right now and they are the strongest links SER can make I wouldn't even waste my time trying microblog and crap like that so you are probably building lots and lots of links that will never be indexed anyway.

    Also SER has a growing number of dead engines and useless platforms unfortunately so you have threads running that are being wastes trying to post to a dead engine that will never work or a useless platform that is pointless.

    Out side of the contextual stuff the only other things I touch is blog comments, image comments, guestbooks and trackbacks. I used to use forums to help increase RD but dropped it and directory to help on the T2 but dropped them too.
  • @shaun
    thats a super useful post
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited October 2017
    Depends on uniqueness of articles and number of articles you plan to create.

    Also depends on your overall SEO plan and why you're doing it, and where, and how...

    Some projects may call for a few articles, while others may call for many more.

    You don't want a footprint so they have to be spun to a high percentage of uniqueness, for a high number of iterations.

    I think new content is always what SEs want to be digesting (nom nom lol)...but when to add?

    Again, depends on how long you've run the article, how many copies, uniqueness...
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