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How to create my own GSA SER template to a new platform?

Hi guys!

I have a question. Is it possible to create my own template in GSA, to other engine? I would like to increase the platforms, I can post on, but I do not know how to do it or even how to start. Are there any guides on the internet, on how to write my own template?

Best Regards ;)


  • Thanks for tutorial, but i have 3 questions

    1. What encoding should i use when i save my created custom engine.ini file - ANSI or Unicode? What if i used non english characters in my custom script for example polish letters - ą ę ś

    2. How to create my custom engine script for websites that don't have url field ( they have: comment, author and email fields only) and i don't want GSA to post any urls in the comment field, just plain text

    3. How to force gsa ser to click option button like this:

    <option value="4">Good</option>
  • hey @cezar78 did you find solution to it, i am also looking to do same that you have putted in point number 2, but haven't found any solution on it.
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