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Suddenly low LPM and download|registration failed

edited August 2016 in Need Help
Around 11.08 and after upgrading to 11.09 I began having serious issues. My LPM tanked from it's normal ~44 to about 4 and I'm getting a variety of

I have 15 proxies (5 dedicated, 10 semi) and they have no problems according to GSA's test
Working on a local windows 10 machine that has never given me problems before

I do weekly maintenance as advised here:

I would be so grateful if anyone can help me out here no amount of reading is helping. Here is more specific information:


Images of settings:



  • Sorry for some reason I couldn't get these images to render in the original post



  • shaunshaun
    Untick both the automatic decrease options and try again.

    Are you actually using SER to scrape targets?
  • Hi there thanks a bunch for chiming in - I unticked both, stopped the campaigns, quit the program, restarted, and it had no effect.

    Yes SER is doing the scraping.
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