Scraped List -> Sort And Identify Tool -> ZERO Identified Links??

I scraped a target list, uploaded it into the sort and identify tool in GSA SER and all that happened was the 'Unknown' numbers kept ticking away with literally zero identified.

So I scraped a smaller target list - using only footprints - and not just any but only footprints from GSA itself (in the footprint studio).  I then uploaded this new target list into this tool and the same thing again...

What am I missing?

(Also in case you are wondering why I am doing this, I want to get an identified list then run it through some other SEO metric software so I can manually filter the target site quality - that is why I am using this function).

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  • michty6michty6 UK
    Accepted Answer
    Never mind, I solved this.  Just needed to update the proxies in GSA or disable proxies, it was a proxy issue.
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