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Topical TF

Hi there,

i have not bought PR emulator yet but i might buy it in the next future. I got an essential question which won't make me buy it or not, i will :p

Is there any plan to make PR emulator even more picky by adding topical TF to the choices?

Let's say that i want to filter only website with a global TF>20 AND a topical TF (let's say cars) >15, it is not possible yet if i am right, but is that plan? Does the majestic API allow such a thing?

I reckon that it would be the sickest thing ever :) 


  • SvenSven
    I have no idea how you would want to check this!?
  • drixxdrixx thailand
    I don't know about the majestic API but topical TF is part of majestic so there's maybe a way to do it

    Or not :p
  • SvenSven
    sounds like that is only part of the paied api?
  • drixxdrixx thailand
    Yes indeed it is. 

    Maybe make this option available, if it is possible for you to add it, by checking or unchecking it, so only paid API users can check it :)
  • SvenSven
    well yes, but i would need some api keys to test and implant it.
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